Easily manage all the experiences in your store
Million cumulative
number of users
  • AD.Fi
    Wifiad solution
  • wait.Fi
    Queue management solution
  • order.Fi
    Remote order solution
Store promotion & advertising revenue using Wi-Fi
Clients can expose ads to customers using Wi-Fi.

Expose Advertising to Wi-Fi Connected Customers

Store self-ad impressions

Earn Ad Revenue from Corporate Ad Impressions

Convenient & efficient queue management service
Customers can wait in a convenient location without waiting in queue and receive mobile phone notifications when ready.

Save time for employees who manage waiting

Send notifications to customers’ mobile phones

Improve customers’ waiting experience

Remote ordering designed to enhance ordering experience
Customers can order from convenient locations and receive mobile pick-up notifications without having to stand in front of the cashier.

Save time for employees who take orders

Send mobile pickup notifications

Improve customer ordering and waiting experiences

Remote order solution was only possible at big franchise locations

Benefits for wait.
fi and order. fi partner stores.
  • Benefit 1
    3 months free trial
    Try the service for 3 months.
    The cost will be fully supported by fi
  • Benefit 2
    Promotion Support
    We will fully support the necessary promotional materials such as posters, X banners and POP.
fi service is available at both private stores and franchises.
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